Year of the Snake gets off to a good start

With Chinese new year upon us, perhaps fate had played its cards when the Pythons took the field this past Sunday again Canterbury Christ Chruch Chargers in their 5th game of the season.

Coldham’s common lived up to its name, and with freezing temperatures, even colder winds and some biting rain the two teams squared up against eachother.

The game got off to a slow start with neither team able to move the ball very far and forcing the punt for each team. On the Pythons second drive, a fumbled snap proved to open up an opportunity for the Pythons, when QB Joe Yarwood saw some space and ran 34 yards to the Chargers 1 yard line, in what seemed to be a touchdown but was deemed otherwise.

The Chargers stood firm on the goalline forcing the Pythons into a 4th and goal where they elected to kick the field goal. After lining up for the field goal the Pythons holder Nick Roope decided to take a risk and run in the ball instead of attempting the kcik scoring the game’s first touchdown! On the conversation Nick Roope again took charge and completed the 2pt attempt to WR Steve Kiinersely. The Pythons took an early 8-0 lead.

The second quarter saw the Pythons extending their lead with a field goal from kicker Jack Tavener. The Chargers were unable to get anything going offensively, and missed a field goal. The Pythons were driving inside the two minute warning, with an excellent completed pass from Yarwood to Baker for 35 yards, however time expired before the Pythons could capitalise.

Half time score 11-0 Pythons.

The Pythons got the ball to start the second half inside the mud puddle on the field. A sloppy Centre/QB exchange saw the ball on the floor and recovered by Canterbury. Wanting to capitalise on a possible momentum shifter the Canterbury offence looked dangerous,  eventually punching in the ball for the 1yard sneak. XP good, 11-7.

After another Pythons 3 and out, the Chargers fought back with a lengthy 13 play drive that culminated in a field goal attempt that turned out to be a fake. Luckily the Pythons D were not fooled and put down the Chargers QB on the 31.

Another fumble by the Pythons, recovered by the Chargers #91 and it seemed the momentum was fully in the favour of the Chargers. However, the Pythons D stepped up to the plate, after some adjustments and managed to turn the ball over on downs.

With the game on the line, the Pythons were held to a long 3rd down. However, a gutsy play call saw a long completion from Joe Yarwood to Canadian Jaason Geerts for 34 yards giving the Pythons a great shot at the endzone.

In a bizzare turn of events, reminiscent of the Fumblerooski from the 1984 Orange Bowl, Centre Thomas Piachaud fumbled the snap to the QB but managed to recover the ball and run it for 7 yards. A 13 yard connection from Yarwood to Baker followed, giving the Pythons the ball inside the 5 yard line. The Pythons went back to old faithful Conor ‘Moose’ Rooney to trundle in for the 1yd touchdown. XP good, 18-7.

The next drives saw an interception by James Disley, followed by Yarwood being intercepted by #17, and following the law of threes, another interception by Lajos Torok. With under 2 minutes to go, the Pythons ran the ball to eat out the clock and win.

Thomas Piachaud