There’s a moose, loose around this hoose

After an win away at LSBU a fortnight ago, and a loss at home to the standing National Champions, the Hertfordshire Hurricanes last week, the Cambridge Pythons were gearing up to see out 2012 on a win. Taking a bus out to Colchester to face the Essex Blades, the Pythons arrived to clear blue skies but a fearsome crosswind that promised to play havoc with passing plays.


After receiving the kick off, the Essex Blades pushed forwards and scored a touchdown with only their third play of the game, but blocked their own Point After Touchdown attempt. The Pythons responded with a strong running partnership between Lajos Torok and Conor Rooney drove the ball back up the field, finishing in a touchdown pass from the QB Joe Yarwood to Torok, and a 2 point conversion by Rooney, to finish the first quarter 8-6 in the Pythons’ favour.


The second quarter began with a quick fumble recovery by Ed Cozens, which allowed the Pythons to push the ball up to the 1 yard line, where the Blades managed to recover the ball by forcing a fumble. After a potential safety by team captain Tom Piachaud and Lajos Torok was disallowed for an offside penalty at the snap, two fouls on the part of the Blades pulled the ball back to the 1 yard line. With Tom Piachaud pressuring the Essex QB in the endzone, the ball was tossed away to avoid a safety…into the waiting hands on Matt Hawkins, who was standing in the endzone to score the Pythons’ first defensive touchdown. A run into the endzone by the team’s Canadian powerhouse, Rooney, secured a second 2 point conversion for the Pythons; and the game went into half-time with the Pythons holding a commanding 16-6 lead.


The second half lacked any endzone action, but the Pythons offence showed sincere strengths as they steadily marched the ball up the field, but stuttered to a stop. In the final quarter, an interception by Essex was cut short after 27 yards as the Pythons QB tackled on the 17 yard line. A combination of the Pythons’ impenetrable defence, and solid running by the Pythons’ offence, burnt out the clock, ending the game as a solid 16-6 win for the Pythons. The Offensive MVP was named as Conor ‘The Moose’ Rooney, and the Defensive MVP was team veteran Matt Hawkins. The Pythons next face the Kent Falcons, whom they memorably defeated last season, on the 27th January 2013 at home.