Practice starts for the new season!

With the new season just a month away, the Pythons returned to their home on Coldhams Common in early October to begin building the team for this year’s campaign. The Pythons retained nearly all of last year’s starters, and added a talented group of new players from their strong recruitment drive at the start of term to form a squad looking to continue surprising the rest of the BUAFL.


For the first session, new players were put through a series of drills, to acclimatise to the game and let the coaches evaluate their abilities. Everyone had a lot of fun with this, teaching some of the basics of the game to the rookies, and discovering that many of the new recruits had played before, some at a very high level.


Coach Len Scott continued last year’s form of insisting every player should be a part of his offense, and got his wish with many recruits, forming a core of players which will make for an explosive and dynamic team. Meanwhile the defensive players were put through their paces, with new additions adding to an already talented group to create a potentially formidable unit.


The team’s second session was the first in full kit, and showed that the Pythons will be a n-nonsense, hard-nosed team this season. Even though they were squaring off against their friends and team-mates, the players showed they will have a very physical dimension to their game this season, and will want to establish that early on in the year.


By the end of the session, the team had its first full scrimmage. The defense looked strong, particularly against the run, but the offense displayed some new wrinkles to its playbook, with some explosive elements, which could make the team very dangerous this year.


With a grudge match against LSBU and the national champion Hertfordshire Hurricanes on the horizon, the Pythons will need to work hard to get ready. If the first few sessions are anything to go by, they will not just be ready, be set to fight to win, and maybe pull off the upset of the season.