New Head Coach Appointed for the Cambridge Pythons

The Cambridge University Pythons American Football Club is excited to announce that it has appointed Chris Wallis as the new Head Coach to lead the team in the forthcoming 2018/19 season.

Coach Wallis is an established Head Coach and has a long track record in British American Football, launching teams and helping to redevelop and energise existing ones. His most recent successes include founding and then coaching the Bury Saints to a 10–0 Division 2 winning season 2015. The appointment will see Wallis returning to the Pythons after an initial spell as an assistant coach in the 1990s.

“I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to be the Pythons next Head Coach. Following in the footsteps of Julian Fuller and Gary Villiers is a daunting, but exciting, challenge.

I am aware that results were not as hoped last season, but I know we will benefit massively from the ground work that Coach Villiers and his staff put in.

There is no magic formula, just hard work. We have a strong foundation to build on, and I am determined that the Pythons will have a season to make Coach Villiers proud.”

This appointment comes following the earlier announcement during the summer break of the standing down of Gary Villiers as Head Coach due to a career change outside of football.

Under Wallis the coaches are developing a refreshed offense and defense, combined with a good level of returning players and an energetically planned recruitment strategy the team is aiming to have a successful season.

Sam Comb, the 2018/2019 President, a Natural Sciences Undergraduate student from Selwyn College appointed Wallis. Comb is excited for the development and future of the team.

“I’m very glad we managed to get Chris on board and look forward to working with him. I believe he’ll be the ideal coach to take this team forward and to get us back to the higher divisions of university football.

With everything now coming together, I’m extremely excited for the season to get underway.”

The upcoming season sees the team play in the BUCS 2nd Division South East Conference against the University of East London Phoenix, Essex University ‘Blades’ and local rivals the Anglia Ruskin University ‘Rhinos’. This is in addition to the annual Varsity Bowl against the Oxford Lancers, this season to be held in Cambridge.

Any Cambridge University Student can play for the Pythons, with training starting in October and games due to start in November, the sport is open to males and Females currently studying at the university. The majority of the players join the team with no prior experience of playing the sport.

(Photo: Kevin Gedny)