New Coaches join the Pythons for the 2013/14 Season

It has been a busy off-season for the Pythons, with a lot of change on the sidelines. In the aftermath of the Challenge Trophy playoff defeat to Nottingham Trent (who would go on to win the trophy) there was a recognition for the Pythons that an area that needing some urgent addressing was the lack of assistant coaches to aid the efforts of Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator Julian Fuller and Deputy Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator Len Scott.

To this end the team is very pleased to announce the appointment of four new assistant coaches for the 2013/14 season…

Alex Brew
Craig Driver
Clifton Flint
Gary Villiers

Alex Brew is an employee of Cambridge University and a current player with the Cambridgeshire Cats in the BAFANL. Prior to this he was a running back with the Cardiff Cobras in the university league, being the Cobras starting RB during their 2011 Challenge Trophy winning season. This is his first coaching post.

Craig Driver is a native of Cambridge, but learned his football in the Steel City. Playing as wide receiver/tight-end for the Sheffield Hallam Warriors whilst studying for his degree in sports coaching. He has also been part of the coaching staff at the Sheffield Predators in the BAFANL. Now back in his home town, joining the Pythons staff was a logical move.

Clifton Flint is an American. Originally from Onaga, Kansas. Now living and working locally, he is also currently playing linebacker for the Cambridgeshire Cats in the BAFANL. His background in personal training and fitness was particularly attractive to the Pythons when making the appointment.

Gary Villiers had an 11 year playing career as a defensive lineman with various teams in and around London. Now living locally, he has been part of the coaching set-up of the Bedfordshire Blue Raiders in the BAFANL. This will be his first experience of university football.