Meet the Pythons – Ned Bransden

Ned Bransden



Linebacker and occasional fullback


Why American football?

My interest in American football started when my brother bought Madden 06 and we started playing each other. I ended up choosing the Pittsburgh Steelers as I liked the name and have never looked back on the team. Going into Uni I had never played the sport beyond throwing a ball around in the yard but I wanted to play a different sport (having played rugby since I was 7). I dabbled at ultimate frisbee during freshers but ended up finding my place with the Pythons.

Why become a Python?

During freshers I tried ultimate frisbee but found the playing American Football to be much more enjoyable and the Pythons were more inclusive. Ever since the first couple of weeks I have felt part of the Pythons family and am proud to be part of it. I also find being part of a uni team alongside my college rugby team satisfying as you get to meet and make friends with far more people

Favourite Pythons moment

This is a hard one. I’ve only been playing a year but already I have built up many fond memories. I can’t really choose between my first game played vs. Oxford Brookes; our varsity win against Oxford university under the floodlights of Grange road; or our win against Essex which went to double overtime before Jack Tavener kicked a winning field goal (after two penalties from me put us back another 10 yards from the posts!). It was a real heart in the mouth moment.