Meet the Pythons – Joe Moore

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What’s your sporting background?

There are very few sports I haven’t tried at some point! I dabbled with tennis, karate, badminton and cricket for varying amounts of time when I was younger but my real focus was rugby. I played for my local club for eight seasons and in the later years represented the district. I’m now experimenting with squash and rock climbing too!

Why American Football?

My first exposure to American football was seeing the NFL on the TV on a Sunday evening. I was most intrigued by the different tactics of the game, totally different to any other sport that I know of. Just the simple addition of blocking defenders completely changes the game. I really wanted to try something new at University and the Pythons were such a welcoming team from the very first taster session. The big turning point was deciding to fully commit after just a couple of weeks with the team. I now look back on it as one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Favourite NFL team?

I watched a full season of the NFL before choosing a team to support and then in 2010 I decided on the Baltimore Ravens. I couldn’t resist the hardnosed defense with players such as Lewis, Reed, Suggs and Ngata. Superbowl XLVII is one of my favourite sporting memories.

Best Pythons moment?

This is really tricky to answer as there have been some phenomenal times with the Pythons. There was the first realisation that I was representing the University when I pulled on my jersey with my number on it and the match at Kent in 2013 when our squad of 18 (just over the legal league requirement!) managed to battle for victory was incredible. The one to top it all though was the Varsity Match last year played under the floodlights at Grange Road. The atmosphere was electric with the biggest crowd the Pythons have ever seen filling the stands. The wave of happiness and relief when the final whistle blew was overwhelming and it was amazing to share that with so many friends and supporters who came to watch us.