Information for Prospective Players 2017

Hi to all prospective players for the 2017/18 season with the Pythons. I’m writing this message to answer any questions you may have about the sport and the team and to hopefully get you excited about the upcoming season.

We will be around at the Freshers’ Fair if you want to speak to us and you can also email me at if you have any more questions. Join our facebook group the ‘New Players Forum‘ for regular updates on our Freshers’ Week plans, also like our facebook page!

Q: Do I need to have played American Football before?
A: Not at all! We find most of our players start playing at university, usually having come from a rugby playing background but also from a variety of different sporting disciplines. Our starting team is usually composed of a core of veteran players with experience alongside gifted rookies who show early promise.

Q: Are you a mixed team?
A: Yes! The Pythons love being a mixed team and our welcoming squad environment means that no one should be nervous about joining us.

Q: What kit do I need to bring?
A: Players will be required to bring their own boots and gumshield/mouthguard and general sportswear for training sessions. The club will provide all other required safety equipment such as helmet, shoulder pads, soft pads, match jersey and game pants. We often recommend players to buy a pair of American football gloves but they certainly aren’t required for the start of the season.

Q: What are you doing during Freshers’ week?
A: We will be around at the CUSU Freshers’ Fair to answer any questions you may have and during Freshers’ Week we will host two non-contact taster sessions (details TBC) to give you an idea of the skills developed in the sport. We will then move to our ground at Coldham’s Common for contact training.

Q: How big a commitment is American Football?
A: As a university sport, there is definitely a commitment to playing with the Pythons. At the start of the season we will have two or three outdoor training sessions per week and one classroom learning session. This will reduce somewhat during the season when we start playing matches to reduce the physical strain on players. It is possible to maintain other sporting commitments alongside American Football and quite a few players participate in College rugby although most people find they perform their best with fewer other commitments.

Q: What league do the Pythons play in?
A: For 2017/18 the Pythons will play in the Tier 1 of BUCS American Football. Our opponents will be the University of Kent, University of East Anglia, University of Sussex and University of Brighton. All of these teams finished last season with winning schedules and will make a competitive division for us to play in.

Q: Can I get a Blue/Half Blue?
A: Yes, American Football is now a Half Blue sport. Previously, one of our players was awarded an Exceptional Full Blue in recognition of his exceptional standard of play, including representing Great Britain.

Q: What do I do next?
A: Find us at the Freshers’ Fair, like our Facebook page, join the New Players Forum and listen out for all things Pythons. We look forward to seeing you in October!

Erik Aho
President 2017/2018