Freshers Fair

After the success of their inaugural season, the Cambridge Pythons once again headed to the Cambridge Freshers’ fair to try and find their future stars. Buoyed by the victories of their first season, members of the team turned out in force for the recruitment drive to add new players to their strong group of veterans.


In a change from last year, the Pythons stall was outside, allowing them to demonstrate the sport to passersby first hand. Over the two days, the spectacle drew a mixture of interest, enthusiasm and confused looks from those walking along Parker’s Piece, but always had a crowd around to watch.


Head Coach Julian Fuller was on hand again to deliver his powerful sales pitch to potential recruits, turning many who claimed little interest in the sport into true believers in a matter of minutes. With help from the newly formed Anglian Ruskin Rhinos (with whom the Pythons are developing strong links and a friendly rivalry), the team spent hours in full kit discussing the sport with potential recruits, gaining significant support in the process.


By the end of day two, the Pythons had just short of 200 freshers (193, for the pedantic among you) signed up to play, including enough female recruits to consider starting a female flag division (watch this space…).


With the influx of new talent to add to the solid core of returning players, the Pythons are looking forward to an even more successful second season. If they can take this momentum into the regular season, they could certainly be a playoff contender come March.