Cambridge Ironmen Destroy Kent

Military history is replete with examples of generals facing impossible odds who somehow managed to achieve the unimaginable.

Such was the story when the Cambridge Pythons American football team traveled to Canterbury to do battle with the Kent Falcons.  The BUAFL used to require teams to have a minimum of 25 players per match.  On Sunday, Cambridge had only 18 compared to at least 40 on the Kent side.  Not only were Cambridge drastically lacking players, but they were also missing their star ex NCAA Division 1 linebacker and running back Yusuf Parray.  To make matters graver, Kent were already favoured to win by 7 points.

The situation was grim, but the coaches and captains dismissed the idea of forfeiting; they decided instead of simply bunker down, fix bayonets, and charge … with reckless disregard for the odds.

In American football, players typically play either offence or defence.  Those who play both are called ironmen.  During the warm up, it became manifestly clear that nearly everyone would be playing ironman football and that players would need to summon a previously unrealised source of energy and strength.

And with that thought in mind, the seemingly hopeless battle began.

Cambridge won the coin toss but deferred to Kent, who elected to receive the ball.  On the very first play from scrimmage, the Kent running back fumbled and it was recovered by Tim Allen. Kent Joe Running

The Cambridge offensive, line led by GB player Thomas Piachaud, immediately took charge as the Pythons drove the ball down field on five successive running plays.  Following excellent blocks, captain Jack Tavener broke into the endzone on a 4-yard run.  The extra point was no good, leaving Cambridge up 6 – 0.

Kent’s offence was thwarted at every turn and after Pythons’ captain Tom Ginger Carr sacked the quarterback, the Falcons were forced to punt.

Cambridge again marched all the way to the 2 yard line before Kent forced a fumble and brought the ball to their own 16.  The Pythons’ iron curtain defence again stifled any Kentian hopes, who went three and out, ending the quarter.

Adverse weather conditions eliminated any pass options, so the Pythons’ ground attack led by #47 Alex Special Home Brew found holes in the Kent defence that the Falcons simply could not fill.  After a series of first downs, Sidney halfback Joe Moore darted through the line for a 4-yard score.  The PAT was again unsuccessful, putting Cambridge up 12 – 0.

Kent’s best chance came when they pushed to the Cambridge 9 yard line.  They then realised that Micro Brew can not only run, but he can catch as well, picking off his first of two passes in the quarter.

The happy few band of Cambridge brothers suffered another blow as starting safety and captain Jackie Tavener went down with an injury just as the half expired.

In response, Cambridge adjusted admirably led in part by one pureblood ironman captain who did not leave the field for a single play in the second half.

Cambridge took the field in the third quarter knowing that any lapses could result in a quick Kent comeback.  The next 15 minutes featured undisciplined penalties and inconsequential offensive drives.  Most importantly, Cambridge kept Kent off the scoreboard.

After some solid Pythons defense, including two sacks by Thomas Piachaud, the Cambridge running brigade of Brew, quarterback Joe Yarwood, and Tom Carr powered their way to the Kent 1 yard line.  This included two successive runs by Carr for 23 yards.  Brew dashed into the endzone just after the two-minute warning was announced.

The last strike came as two members of the Holy Trinity of Offence, Joe Yarwood and Canadian wide receiver Jaason Geerts, connected for a two-point conversion to put Cambridge ahead 20 – 0.  The third member, Jonty Richardson, was absent due to a blues under-21 rugby match.

There would be no more scoring on this day.

It was a momentous day for Cambridge.  Excellent performances were had by special teams MVP Joe Moore, Thomas Piachaud who was dominant on both sides of the line, Alex Mini Brew with two interceptions and a touchdown, Tom Carr, and every other player who went beyond the normal call of duty to stun Kent with a victory.

Coach Fuller lauded the team and quoted King Henry, promising that anyone who had not played “shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here, and hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks who fought with us upon [Canterbury fields].”

In the face of impossible odds, the Cambridge ironmen prevailed.  Final score Cambridge 20, Kent 0.


Kent Post Game Team Pic


The Pythons’ next game is Saturday, November 30 at Coldham’s Common versus the Northampton Nemesis at 1:00 p.m.